Japan's Plant-based Leathers

Exploring Japan's history of making 'leather' from paper, and how this became an object of modernity within the domestic interiors of Victorian Britain.
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Material Culture, Modern, Europe, Asia, Applied Arts, Technologies, Interior Space, Natural Objects

Victoria Bennett

Designing Digital Childhood

This research focuses on offering a voice through interviews to the designers of digital technology for children.
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Material Culture, Contemporary, Europe, Technologies, Methods of Documentation, Oral Histories, Untold / Marginalised Narratives

Cyrienne Buffet

Exotic Skins Victorian England

This research traces the history of exotic cats as living creature to designed object, to question the human allurement of embodying a second skin.
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Material Culture, Europe, Textiles, Technologies, Methods of Documentation, Untold / Marginalised Narratives, Lived Experiences, Natural Objects

Megan Graham

Copyright, Photography & Art, 1862-1878

This research focuses on the commercial practice of reproducing artworks through photography and registering them under the Fine Art Copyright Act of 1862.
    -

Photography, Modern, Europe, Media, Technologies, Untold / Marginalised Narratives, Archival Documents

Bessie Morrissey-Murin

Rediscovering Quick-change Through Costume

An object-based study of early twentieth-century live Popular Perfomance, looking at design, operation and technology.
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Performance, Modern, Europe, Media, Textiles, Technologies, Untold / Marginalised Narratives, Gender Studies

Karen Nicholson

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