Symposium 2022

This Moment Is Being Recorded celebrates the work of the 2020-2022 V&A/RCA History of Design MA cohort. The event took place on the evening of May 24th 2022 in the Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and was streamed online. It consisted of individual presentations and panel discussions, covering research work into silkworms, maps, museum benches, Mexican wrestlers, The Sleeping Beauty, men’s undergarments, and more.


Introductory Remarks by Heads of Programme, Marta Ajmar and Sarah Cheang

Presentations by
Bernadette Victoria Silva
Annie Lye
Sonya Battla
Li-Xuan Teo
Xinghe Chen
Luís Gonçalo Vicente

Transcultural Objects panel discussion, chaired by Jordan Lee with panellists Annie Lye, Bernadette Victoria Silva, Li-Xuan Teo and Luís Gonçalo Vicente


Presentations by
Joana Albernaz Delgado
Polina Davydova
Euphemia Franklin
Celine Nguyen
Margot Drayson
Jordan Lee
Sarah Mursal

The Design of Methodology panel discussion, chaired by Bernadette Victoria Silva with panellists Celine Nguyen, Euphemia Franklin, Joana Albernaz Delgado, Jordan Lee and Margot Drayson


Organisers: Bessie Morrissey-Murin, Karen Nicholson and Joana Albernaz Delgado
With thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art.

©2022 by V&A/RCA History of Design MA