Ballet: Staging Britishness

This research explores how ‘Britishness’ was presented in Sadler’s Wells’ Sleeping Beauty (1946) through the notions of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ and ‘nostalgia’.
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Performance, Modern, Europe, Media, Textiles, Methods of Documentation, Lived Experience, Conservation, Memory Studies

Xinghe Chen

Fashion and Film in 1960s London

This research synthesises multiple disciplines into a design history framework to elucidate the overlap of costume and fashion when designing for contemporary narratives.
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Material Culture, Modern, Europe, Americas, Media, Textiles, Oral Histories, Lived Experience, Gender Studies

Phoebe Evans

Building Conservation in Bath

This research explores the early origins, methods, and aims of building conservation in the city of Bath. 
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Material Culture, Modern, Europe, Media, Built Environment, Methods of Documentation, Conservation

Jordan Lee

Spine of the City: HK Tram

Exploring the entanglement of agendas and influences of the HK Tram system on Hong Kong city's urban-social development under the British Colonial rule.
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Material Culture, Modern, Asia, Media, Built Environment, Decolonisation, Untold / Marginal Narratives, Methods of Documentation

Annie Lye

Copyright, Photography & Art, 1862-1878

This research focuses on the commercial practice of reproducing artworks through photography and registering them under the Fine Art Copyright Act of 1862.
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Photography, Modern, Europe, Media, Technologies, Untold / Marginalised Narratives, Archival Documents

Bessie Morrissey-Murin

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