The Transcultural Values of Flower Pyramid

The Cultural Values of Dutch Delftware and its use in the UK Country House Between the Seventeenth to the Eighteenth Century
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Material Culture, Early Modern, Europe, Applied Arts, Methods of Documentation, Conservation, Transcultural Values

Zhenlei Chen

Hidden Japanese Men’s Dress

Looking under the plain outer layers of Japanese men's dress to study the spectacular and symbolic imagery that lines beneath.
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Material Culture, Early-Modern, Modern, Asia, Textiles, Applied Arts, Decolonisation, Lived Experience, Prints

Euphemia Franklin

Grottoes: The Sensorial Experience

What can be understood about the designed sensorial experience of naturalistic grottoes, from the accounts of those who experienced them in the eighteenth-century?
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Material Culture, Early-Modern, Sensory History, Europe, Built Environment, Applied Arts, Interior Space, Lived Experience, Natural Objects

Daniella Turner

Luis Gonçalo Martins Ferreira Machado Vicente

A Case for Glass

A re-investigation of established narratives surrounding 17th century glass imitations of gemstones and a proposal for an alternate understanding of their value. 
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Material Culture, Early-Modern, Europe, Applied Arts, Technologies, Methods of Documentation, Knowledge Production

Cecilia Seilern und Auspang

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