Designing Digital Childhood

This research focuses on offering a voice through interviews to the designers of digital technology for children.
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Material Culture, Contemporary, Europe, Technologies, Methods of Documentation, Oral Histories, Untold / Marginalised Narratives

Cyrienne Buffet

Transformed Soviet Housing

A micro-historical exploration of transformations in the lived environment of a Soviet district, Troparevo-Nikulino in Moscow.
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Material Culture, Contemporary, Europe, Asia, Built Environment, Interior Space, Oral Histories, Lived Experience

Polina Davydova

Museum Seats: Hidden Scripts

This work looks at embedded messages and meanings in museum seats to reveal a different angle on how museums see their collections and themselves in different times. 
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Material Culture, Modern, Contemporary, Europe, Built Environment, Applied Arts, Interior Space, Museum Studies

Joana Albernaz Delgado

Lucha Libre and EP/CDJ

This research uses an object-led approach to examine agency and performance tradition within lucha libre character design.
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Performance, Contemporary, Americas, Textiles, Oral Histories, Untold / Marginalised Narratives, Gender Studies

Bernadette Victoria Silva

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