Transformed Soviet Housing

A micro-historical exploration of transformations in the lived environment of a Soviet district, Troparevo-Nikulino in Moscow.
    -

Material Culture, Contemporary, Europe, Asia, Built Environment, Interior Space, Oral Histories, Lived Experience

Polina Davydova

Museum Seats: Hidden Scripts

This work looks at embedded messages and meanings in museum seats to reveal a different angle on how museums see their collections and themselves in different times. 
    -

Material Culture, Modern, Contemporary, Europe, Built Environment, Applied Arts, Interior Space, Museum Studies

Joana Albernaz Delgado

Building Conservation in Bath

This research explores the early origins, methods, and aims of building conservation in the city of Bath. 
    -

Material Culture, Modern, Europe, Media, Built Environment, Methods of Documentation, Conservation

Jordan Lee

Spine of the City: HK Tram

Exploring the entanglement of agendas and influences of the HK Tram system on Hong Kong city's urban-social development under the British Colonial rule.
    -

Material Culture, Modern, Asia, Media, Built Environment, Decolonisation, Untold / Marginal Narratives, Methods of Documentation

Annie Lye

Grottoes: The Sensorial Experience

What can be understood about the designed sensorial experience of naturalistic grottoes, from the accounts of those who experienced them in the eighteenth-century?
    -

Material Culture, Early-Modern, Sensory History, Europe, Built Environment, Applied Arts, Interior Space, Lived Experience, Natural Objects

Daniella Turner

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