Japan's Plant-based Leathers

Exploring Japan's history of making 'leather' from paper, and how this became an object of modernity within the domestic interiors of Victorian Britain.
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Material Culture, Modern, Europe, Asia, Applied Arts, Technologies, Interior Space, Natural Objects

Victoria Bennett

Hidden Japanese Men’s Dress

Looking under the plain outer layers of Japanese men's dress to study the spectacular and symbolic imagery that lines beneath.
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Material Culture, Early-Modern, Modern, Asia, Textiles, Applied Arts, Decolonisation, Lived Experience, Prints

Euphemia Franklin

Spine of the City: HK Tram

Exploring the entanglement of agendas and influences of the HK Tram system on Hong Kong city's urban-social development under the British Colonial rule.
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Material Culture, Modern, Asia, Media, Built Environment, Decolonisation, Untold / Marginal Narratives, Methods of Documentation

Annie Lye

Li-Xuan Teo

Luis Gonçalo Martins Ferreira Machado Vicente

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