Japan's Plant-based Leathers

Exploring Japan's history of making 'leather' from paper, and how this became an object of modernity within the domestic interiors of Victorian Britain.
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Material Culture, Modern, Europe, Asia, Applied Arts, Technologies, Interior Space, Natural Objects

Victoria Bennett

Designing Digital Childhood

This research focuses on offering a voice through interviews to the designers of digital technology for children.
  -

Material Culture, Contemporary, Europe, Technologies, Methods of Documentation, Oral Histories, Untold / Marginalised Narratives

Cyrienne Buffet

Ballet: Staging Britishness

This research explores how ‘Britishness’ was presented in Sadler’s Wells’ Sleeping Beauty (1946) through the notions of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ and ‘nostalgia’.
    -

Performance, Modern, Europe, Media, Textiles, Methods of Documentation, Lived Experience, Conservation, Memory Studies

Xinghe Chen

The Transcultural Values of Flower Pyramid

The Cultural Values of Dutch Delftware and its use in the UK Country House Between the Seventeenth to the Eighteenth Century
    -

Material Culture, Early Modern, Europe, Applied Arts, Methods of Documentation, Conservation, Transcultural Values

Zhenlei Chen

Transformed Soviet Housing

A micro-historical exploration of transformations in the lived environment of a Soviet district, Troparevo-Nikulino in Moscow.
    -

Material Culture, Contemporary, Europe, Asia, Built Environment, Interior Space, Oral Histories, Lived Experience

Polina Davydova

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